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Hua-Hui : Versions and Variants

By spreading in different parts of the world, the Hua-Hui/花會 game has adapted and evolved.
These adaptations and evolutions are linked to linguistic,historical, geopolitical, etc. considerations.
Here is an attempt to summarize these adaptations and evolutions from different perspectives ...

The Chinese perspective

A general view of the propagation and evolution of Hua-Hui in China. >>>
The Chinese booklets and their content. >>>

The Geographical view

Hua-Hui was played worldwide: where, when and which version ? >>>

The Genealogical view

Browse the variants and their specifities>>>
Browse the specifities>>>

Today's view

Places where Hua-Hui or one of its variant is played today.>>>

The 志高's view

The description and representation of 志高 world-wide.>>>