One Bad World - Hua-Hui : Versions and Variants


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★清朝民国彩票★文雅遣庆 p0.png p1.png p2.png p3.png p4.png p5.png p6.png p7.png p8.png p9.png p10.png p11.png p12.png p13.png p14.png p15.png p16.png p17.png p18.png p19.png p20.png p21.png p22.png p23.png p24.png
歌仔冊與唸歌 at the National Taiwan University Library初刻花會新歌 初刻花會新歌-1.png 初刻花會新歌-2.png 初刻花會新歌-3.png 初刻花會新歌-4.png 初刻花會新歌-5.png 初刻花會新歌-6.png 初刻花會新歌-7.png 初刻花會新歌-8.png 初刻花會新歌-9.png 初刻花會新歌-10.png 初刻花會新歌-11.png 初刻花會新歌-12.png
HarvardLos Chinos y su Charada 2156648-4.gif 2156649-4.gif 2156650-4.gif 2156651-4.gif 2156652-4.gif 2156653-4.gif 2156654-4.gif 2156655-4.gif 2156656-4.gif 2156657-4.gif 2156658-4.gif 2156659-4.gif 2156660-4.gif 2156661-4.gif 2156662-4.gif 2156663-4.gif 2156664-4.gif
Asli4dbody x7.jpg x17.jpg
pantipchart huahoey-thai.png
Wahoy Philippineschart wahoy.jpg
infaticuzbody jueteng_500x.jpg
Orienschart cambodge.png
Design is about processbooklet dream.jpg
grafis-lamachart oemboel3.jpg
anvietnam.netchart CoNhon-ticket.jpg
4d Manager观音千字图(红白版) togel2d-001-200.png togel2d-201-400.png togel2d-401-600.png togel2d-601-800.png togel2d-801-000.png
Laolot.comchart list2-1.jpg list2-2.jpg
陶妙萍(陶然) 作品booklet image032.jpg image034.jpg
buangaivn.comThập Nhị Chi - Tri Thiên Mạng - Tận Nhân Lực p1.jpg
Myanmars.netbody games-36kaung.jpg
Fortune-telling Guide / Ethnic Studies Library, University of California, Berkeleychart 36-v14.jpg
Play Whe websitechart whe-DSC02180b.jpg chinfix3.jpg
The Guardian websitechart playwhe.jpg
Paria Publishing Co Ltdbooklet PlayWheDiary.jpg
NLA Websitechart PlayWayChart.jpg
Supreme Ventureschart cashpot.png
MARIA LIONZA LA MADREbooklet 4988824reina0009numeros.jpg
Loto Hondurasbody la-chica-3x.jpg
Wing Like Museumchart 1996_006_329bx.jpg
Dai Loy Gambling Museumchart Sacramento5bd.png Sacramento5x.png
Uniquely Broome 2015chart Broome-1x.jpg
Barkerville - British Columbia's Gold Rush Townmarkers markers.jpg
Fook Chen Tai (author of the Hua-Hui App)chart Kinabalu.png
Books and newspapers
Gambling and Development: The Case of Djakarta's "flower organization" Asia 27 Fall 1972 by Donald K. Emmerson
Population pressure in Indonesia by Angus M Gunn
chart djakarta-g4.jpg
Notes sur la vie francaise en Cochinchine de Pierre Nicolas 1900chart cochinchine.png
韓國警察一斑 1910chart kor-2-326.jpg
채패놀이 by 정지웅 in 농업생명과학대학 농경제사회학부chart zzz.jpg
A Gambling Box edited by Kate Pullingerbooklet hh36x.jpg bk100-1.png bk100-2.png bk100-3.png bk100-4.png bk100-5.png bk plb.png bk pla.png
BẢO TÀI CHI THUẬT-THỐI THÂN-BỘI SỐ-HỒI SỐbooklet pp1.png pp2.png pp3.png pp4.png pp5.png
賭博と掏摸の研究 by 尾佐竹猛 1925chart xp-39x.jpg
賭博 3 (ものと人間の文化史 40-3) by 増川 宏一
「日本のギャンブル 」 紀田 順一郎 (中公文庫版) 1986....
booklet jpxBook2.png
A Description of the Chinese Lottery known as Hua-Hoey by C.W. Sneyd Kynnersley in Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Vol.16. 1886chart, booklet huahoey-1b.png straits-1.png Kynnersley-1.jpg huahoey-b9.png
Betting mat from Gambling Games of Malaya by C.T.Dobreemat, teetotum pekbin3.png
日據初期台灣的"大家樂"-花會 by 吳文星chart tableau2.png
Tsz' Fá, or "Word Blossoming", a lottery among the Chinese in America Stewart Culin Overland Monthly, Vol. XXIV, Second Series July-December, 1894chart 36-v3.jpg
The Gleaner 5/10/1918chart gleaner-pict.png
¡Ecué-Yamba-Ó! by Alejo Carpenterbody alejocarpentier-p68b.png
A Study of Fah-Fee by Laura Longmore 1956 in Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir wetenskap, Volumes 52-53 body Suid-Afrikaanse-p278c.png
Power, identity and agency at work in the popular economies of Soweto and Black Johannesburg by Detlev Krige 2011body krige-1.png


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