Gambling Games of Malaya By C.T. Dobree 1955

"A Guide to Chee Fah" which was published and sold in Kuala Lumpur during the Japanese occupation

The extracts from "A Guide to Chee Fah" ... give details of dreams which are supposed to indicate winning names or numbers. Likewise it is not unusual for Chinese addicts to this game to endeavour to obtain a winning name or number by prayer or divination, or by sleeping in an allegedly haunted house or in a cemetery hoping that revelation will come to them in a dream. Situated at 4th mile, Kapar Road, Klang, is a deserted house reputed to be "kramat" or haunted which is often visited by would-be punters with view to obtaining revelation of a winning name or number. ...

1Chim Fui吳占魁White Fish
2Pan Kwee陳扳桂Water Snail
3Wing Sang陳榮生Swan
4Foong Choon陳逢春Peacock
5Chee Ko王志高Lion
6Kuan Sun黃坤山Tiger
7Ching Soon宋正順Pig
8Yuet Po李月寶White Rabbit
9Hon Wan李漢雲Bullock
10Kong Chee龍江祠Dragon of the North Sea
11Fook Soon田福孫White Dog
12Kwong Ming朱光明White Horse
13Yeow Lay翁有利Elephant
14Chick Tuck羅只得Wild Cat
15Bit Tuck鄭必得Rat
16Mow Lam方茂林Wasp
17Cheng Wan周青雲Stork
18Tien Sun趙天申Domestic Cat
19Can Yuk林艮玉Butterfly
20Ming Chui李明珠Centipede
21Siong Chow馬上招Swallow
22Hup Thong雙合同Dove
23Sum Wai張三槐Monkey
24Hup Hoi張合海Frog
25Kow Koon張九官Eagle
26Tai Peng林太平Dragon
27Foh Koon張火官Tortoise
28Yat Sun陳日山Fowl
29Tien Leong鄭天良Eel
30Cheng Lei劉井利Carp
31Yuen Kwei徐元貴Lobster
32Mun Kam張萬金Snake
33Cheng Yuen蘇青元Spider
34Yuen Kat張元吉Deer
35Kat Pang陳吉品Goat
36On Si陳安士Fox

#NameSubstituteLife's storyCo-ordinatesDream AnalysisStake Nos.
1Chim Fui(5) Chee Ko. Ng Chim Fui alias Ng Sui Hoi, a native of Honan, was an eminent scholar receiving the highest military and literary honours during the Soong Dynasty.
He was appointed a Royal Inspector of three provinces. He and over 300 persons of his family were all killed by the savages during the great commotion. His astrological sign was Water, and he was in previous life a White Fish.
A white fish. A stone lion. A centipede. A dragon fish. Ng Sum Kwee (a general in the Ming Dynasty). A military graduate. Mun Siong Kwan (noted for his hospitality). Yim Siong (a traitor in the Ming Dynasty) Premier. Camping. Ungrateful persons. Wolf-like cruelty. Five devils. A cenotaph. Stone monument. 36 pigs. Star (Military or Literary). White Fish. List of successful candidates. White rice in a measure.1,5,23,4.
2Pan Kwee(16) Mow Lam. Chan Pan Kwee alias Chan Pit or Chan Ching Ko, a native of Kong Nam Province, was a famed military graduate. Ming Chui was his wife and Can Yuk was his concubine. Two sons, Foong Choon and Wing Sang were given birth by his wife and concubine respectively. The whole family met their death at the hands of the savages during the great commotion. His astrological sign was Water and in previous life he was a Water Snail. A water snail. A leech. A fire fly. White beans. Loo Mon Ching (an eminent scholar in the Soong Dynasty). Lam Thye Kam (an eminent scholar in the Ming Dynasty). Mook Quee Yin (a female warrior in the Soong Dynasty). Lo Hon (a Buddha). Ma Yong (a tutor). A Buddhist temple. Five sons receiving scholastic honours. A dragon girl. Stage actors and actresses.Stage performances. An heir. Young men. Climbing up a tree to pluck flowers.2, 16, 31 and the five dragons.
3Wing Sang(32) Mun Kam.Chan Wing Sang alias Chan Lian Hong, a native of Kong Nam Province, was a military and literary graduate receiving the honour at the same time with his brother Foong Choon. All the members of his family, headed by his father Chan Pan Kwee, were killed by savages during the great commotion. His astrological sign was Water, and in previous life he was a Swan. A white swan. Corpse. Chai Choong Hin (a bridge builder). Tow Chu Kong (a rich man). Wong Hei Chi (famed for excellent Chinese). On Tse (a premier of short stature). Chong Kow Ling (a respected premier in the Tong Dynasty). Clay dolls. Dying by the roadside or by the lane. Brightness.Taking fish broth. Killing fowls and ducks. Throwing away a pen. Going for an entrance examination. Receiving a fright while eating. Buying birds and setting them free.3, 32, 4.
4Foong Choon(12) Kwong Ming. Chan Foong Choon alias Chan Kam or Chan Hoi Chow, a native of Kong Nam Province received military and literary honours at the same time with his brother Wing Sang. During the great commotion, His astrological sign was Water, and in previous life he was a Peacock. A peacock. Birds of enormous size (ROC). The brightest star. Kong Ming (a famous military adviser). 21 persons of filial piety. Goddess of Mercy sitting on a lotus. God of Stars. Mun Kiong Nui (a faithful wife). Weight of a thousand katties. Gao Fei (the patriotic general in the Soong Dynasty). Chan Sai Mei (an eminent scholar in the Soong Dynasty). Plum Flowers. Women worshipping the moon. Ploughing. Red letter day for males and females. Cows, fowls and ducks. Reunion of mothers and sons. Bamboo shoots.4, 12, 9, and 32.
5Chee Ko(1) Chim Fui. Wong Chee Ko alias Wong Sum or Wong Peng Sang, a native of Tongking, was a leader of robbers in Kwong Sai Province. Kuan San was his imtimate friend. His astrological sign was Metal, and in previous life he was a Lion. A stone lion. A go-between for prostitutes. Guardian of the bed. A dragon. A yellow dog. Thieves. Sworn brothers. Young men. Sze Ma Yee (a famed general). A spoilt son. Wong Choon (an old general famed for his archery). Dick Cheng (a general in the Soong Dynasty). Enjoying moonlight on the house top. Up on a ladder. Yellow dress. Undesirable characters. Fire during strong winds. Sucking blood. Examination. Red-faced robust men. 5, 1, 6 and 35.
6Kuan Sun(17) Cheng Wan. Wong Kuan Sun alias Wong Seng or Wong Pah Cho, a native of Soochow, was a leader of robbers in Kowloon Province. Chee Ko was his intimate friend. He surrendered and was later appointed a Generalissimo during the reign of Emperor Tai Peng. His astrological sign was Earth, and in previous life he was a Tiger. A tiger. Jade unicorn. Guardian of the door. A drunkard. Chew Chi Loong (a brave warrior famed for not receiving a single wound in his career). Cheong Fei (a general of great patriotism). Ngao Ko (a general in the Soong Dynasty). Wai Chi Kong (a general in the Tong Dynasty). Keng Ko (famed for his attempt to assassinate the king of Ching).Rebellion. A hill on fire. Robbery. Sunrise. Yellow cow.6, 28, 17 and 11.
7Ching Soon(24) Hup Hoi. Soong Ching Soon alias Soong Fatt or Soong Moi Ko, of Honan Province, was a civil official in the Executive Board. At first he was a general in Kuan San's gang. His astrological sign was Metal, and in previous life he was a Pig. A big pig. Pig rearers. A big cat. A sow. A white horse. Kuan Kong (the red-faced general of great patriotism). A miser. Guardian of the Earth. God of Wealth. The 28 stars. Filial sons.Sailing in the first Moon of the year in mild wind. Sails. Sighting someone falling into water. Marriage engagement. Pig dung. Boats on a river. Copper coins.Stakes Nos. 7, 24, 15, 14, 21 and 6.
8Yuet Po(20) Ming ChuiLee Yuet Po alias Lee Choon or Lee Choong Ming, a native of Tongking, was a civil official in the Secret Arial Board and was also a Royal Guard of the Palace. He was very rich. Hon Wan was his only son and Ming Chui was his daughter. His astrological sign was Earth, and in previous life he was a White Rabbit. A white rabbit. Mah Chew (a general in the last period of the Han Dynasty). A go-between. An expectant woman. Girl in the moon.White face powder. A jade stone. Red articles. Insignificant people. Having a hat but no clothes. Woman making white rice.8, 20, 9 and 15.
9Hon Wan(33) Cheng Yuen. Lee Hon Wan alias Lee Chan or Lee Siong Tin, a native of Tongking, was an official of the Supervisory Board and also a guard for the "Dragon Gate". He was straightforward. His father was Yuet Po and Ming Chui was his sister. His life ended at the battle of "Dragon Gate". There was a saying that he became immortal because of his loyalty and righteousness. His astrological sign was Water, and in previous life he was a Bullock.A bullock. The cowboy and his mate. The priest with magical iron plates. Hiding on a paper-made horse. To challenge in strength. Tong Tai Choong (Emperor of Tong Dynasty). Pioneering.Death of somebody. A hill on fire. Killing cattle.9, 17, 33 and 27.
10Kong Chee(18) Tian SunLoong Kong Chee alias Loong Hoi Ting, a native of Shangtong, was killed by savages during the great commotion. He was the intimate friend of Bit Tuck. His astrological sign was Water, and in previous life he was a Dragon of the North Sea.A Dragon spirit. A Dragon-boat man. A boy gathering herbs. Crystal Palace under the sea. A flying dragon. A boatman. Chong Soong (he was capable of remaining under water for 7 days).Boat. Crossing a river. Temple. Boat in a river. Houses. Going to the middle of the river. Anything pertaining to the sea.10, 18, 15 and the Five dragons.
11Fook Soon(15) Bit TuckTien Fook Soon alias Tien Fong or Tien Choon Yeow was a medicine dealer in Kat On Province. On the 5th day of the 5th Moon he was killed by a tiger when he was on a hill searching for herbs. His astrological sign was Earth, and in previous life he was a White Dog.A white dog. Gathering herbs. The dog killer. A blacksmith. Cho Chow (a capable premier in the Han Dynasty. His doings were based on malicious motives). Pow Kong (a premier of great justice in the Soong Dynasty). A judge. An official of six departments. The King of Hades. The three origins — Heaven, Earth and Man.A dog bites. Eating dog's flesh. Cries of women. Ploughing. Roars of tigers.Embracing sons or grandsons.11, 15, 25 and 6.
12Kwong Ming(4) Foong Choon. Choo Kwong Ming alias Choo Siak or Choo O'Loong of Chekiang, was attached to Emperor Tai Peng as a military adviser. He was an excellent strategist, as he acquired the art from a priest in a certain temple in Monsan. He possessed supernatural power capable of producing winds and rains to assist in warfare, He met his death in the hands of Chins. His astrological sign was Fire, and in previous life he was a White Horse.A white horse. A paper horse. A horse jumps across a wide stream. Emperor Kong (he made a miraculous escape on a clay horse). A pony. Kong Ming (the famed strategist). A girl who vows not to many.Bright sky after rain. Illumination. Light of lamps. Dazzling pearls. Sun's rays. Brightness.12, 26, 4 and 27.
13Yeow Lay(14) Chick Tuck. Ong Yeow Lay alias Ong Kap or Ong Yeow Chui of Tongking, was a scholar in his early life. His business was selling rice and at the latter stage he was upset through failure in scholastic attainments. The last stage of his life was spent at Suifu as a fisherman. His astrological sign was Water, and in previous life he was an Elephant. A big elephant. A boat girl. A woodcutter. A Fisherman. Kiang Tai Kong (he became a premier at the age of 80). Looi Po (a great warrior killed by Cho Chow). Emperor Chow. Kong Seong Seng (a man with supernatural powers). Playing a game of chess. Putting on a hat.Building a house. Up in the ceiling. Stage actors or actresses. Lots of cotton clothings. Burial of the dead. Taking rice. Fowls laying eggs. Swimming fish. 13, 30, 15 and 14.
14Chick Tuck(13) Yeow Lay.Low Chick Tuck alias Low Moon or Low Tuck Ching of Szechuan, was a butcher. He was put to death by Chan Koong. His astrological sign was Water, and in previous life he was a Wild Cat.A wild cat. Corpses. Undertakers. Divorce. Eminent scholars. Chen Kow Kam (famed for using two-handed axes in fighting). Premier. A Mohammedan Priest. A butcher.Lots of meat. Consultation with fortune tellers. Pomegranate. Chess playing. Killing pigs. Beating a drum. Pork dealing. Murder. Eating meat. Transforming into a pig.14, 13, 15 and 25.
15Bit Tuck(11) Fook Soon. Cheng Bit Tuck alias Cheng Po or Cheng Yuen Hoi of Tongking was a well known warrior. He earned his living in the sea before the time was matured for the exhibition of his talents. He was consequently attached to General Kuan Sun as a Lieutenant. His astrological sign was Fire, and in previous life he was a Rat.A rat. Emperor Yen Choong of the Soong Dynasty. Brave generals. Sit Kong reducing a temple to ruins. Sui Yong Kong (an emperor). Wong Wang (a usurper in the Han Dynasty. A premier). Tong Check (a malicious emperor in the last period of the Han Dynasty). Eunuch.Flowers bloom from a pen. Dine together in a boat. Begging money. Eating tortoise's meat. Chased by a tiger. Firing a gun. Disputes re property arising among brothers.15, 8, 11 and 14.
16Mow Lam(2) Pan Kwee. Fong Mow Lam alias Fong Kit or Fong Liang Yee of Soochow was poor and sold charcoal for his livelihood. His astrological sign was Wood, and in previous life was a Wasp.A wasp. A moth. A woodcutter. A leper girl. An abbot. Moh Chit Tien (a capable but licentious Empress). Wong Chow (a bandit)Strong wind. Heavy rain. Flowers bloom. A temple. Bee hives. Carrying straws. Volcano. Dull weather. Meeting persons with surnames of Fong and Lam.16, 2, 27 and 25.
17Cheng Wan(6) Kuan San. Chow Cheng Wan alias Chow Yuen or Chow Ching Hoi of Tongking, was an official of the Board of Literature in the Soong Dynasty. He narrowly escaped death when the traitorous Ching Kwei was in power. He became a Taoist Priest. His astrological sign was Fire, and in previous life he was a Stork. A white stork. An opium smoker. A widow. A Taoist Priest. Chong Ko Low (one of the 8 fairies). Looi Mon Ching (an eminent scholar). Hon Soon (a famous strategist in the Han Dynasty).Dream Analysis : Heavy rain. Death of close relatives. Meeting parents. Clouds. Taoist Priest. Burning of big fire. No boat to sail in the sea. Theatre.17, 6 and 33.
18Tien Sun(10) Kong Chee. Chiu Tien Sun alias Chiu Yuet or Chiu Tien Koon of Yunnan was a Generalissimo in the Soong Dynasty. He was burnt to death by the traitorous Ching Kwei. His astrological sign was Wood, and in previous life he was a Domestic Cat. A Siamese cat. Maiden's marriage. Monks. Cheong Tian Shi. Chiu Kong Yan (the first emperor of the Soong Dynasty). Chow Yee (a general as well as a strategist in the Han Dynasty). Chong Kok (the head of the Yellow Cloth rebel party in the Han Dynasty) Hua Toa (a famous doctor and surgeon in the Han Dynasty). Cho Chi (a lame man with supernatural power in the Han Dynasty). The 8 astrological symbols (date and time of one's birth).Things appear in the sky. Horses running. Naked woman. Thundering. Water jug.18, 29, 10 and 27.
19Can Yuk(27) Foh Koon. Lam Gan Yuk alias Lam So Neo of Tongking was the younger sister of Tai Peng. She was forced to take refuge in Kong Nam as her brother's country was invaded by the troops of Chin. In Kong Nam she was married to Chan Pan Kwee as a concubine. Wing Sang was her son. Her astrological sign was Metal, and in previous life she was a Butterfly.A butterfly. Beauties in country of fragrance. Homeward bound. Teo Shim worshipping the moon. Maids. Chinese coins. Awaken from a dream. Chong Chi pretending to be dead to test the chastity of his wife.Eating meat. Articles. Adulterous women. Embracing a girl. Woman combing her hair.19, 27, 17, 26 and 16.
20Ming Chui(8) Yuet Po.Lee Ming Chui alias Lee Chee Neo of Kong Nam, was a daughter of Yuet Po. She was married to Chan Pan Kwee, receiving the highest female honour as Lady Chan of Dynasty. Foong Choon was her son. All her family members were killed by the savages. Her astrological sign was Water, and in previous life she was a Centipede.A centipede. A consumptive. A leper. A guard emitting fire. Wong Chew Kuan (one of the four beauties recorded in Chinese History). A Chinese jade guitar. A fortune teller. Cloudy and foggy. Travelling on a moonlight. A rope of nine knots.Things of red colour. A beauty looking at a mirror. Putting on gowns. Crystallised spectacles. Girls reading books. Going out of doors.20, 8, 12 and 27.
21Siong Chow(22) Hup Thong. Mah Siong Chew alias Mah Hun Neo was a native of Nanking. In her early days, a priest gave her a set of "Heavenly Books" from which she procured the magical power of producing rain and wind whenever she wished. General Kuan San made her his sworn sister. Foong Choon was her son-in-law. Her astrological sign was Water, and in previous live she was a Swallow.Swallow, Hon Siong Chi (one of the 8 faries) A romantic recluse. A prostitute. A man washing for iron ore. A lady who can get in touch with the spirits. Madam Soon (she committed suicide by jumping into a river on receiving rumours of her husband's death).Meeting someone. Paying respect to high officials. Beating a drum. A woman riding a horse. Marriage ceremony. Change of courtesy. Female warrior. Rain pours. 21, 22, 12 and 6.
22Hup Thong(21) Siong Chiew. Fei Hup Thong alias Fei Po was a native of Tongking. She started a business of selling wine with her sister-in-law, Kow Neo, in the town of Ninpo. They lost their lives by throwing themselves into a well in order to avoid humiliation from the rascal Chee Ko. Her astrological sign was Water, and in previous life she was a Dove.A dove. A coffin. Worshipping the night spirits. A female cook. Tong Sun Cheong (a highly respected priest in the Tong Dynasty). Cheok Mun Kuan (one of the beauties). Bride's attendance. Womb.Breast fed. Women selling wine. Women dining together. Women walking with their sister-in-law. Two persons using one blanket.22, 24, 25 and 21.
23Sum Wai(30) Cheng Lei.Chong Sum Wai alias Chong Moh or Chong Kah Seng was a premier in the reign of Emperor Tai Peng. He was a rich man. Hup Hoi, Yuen Kat and Mun Kam were his three sons. He was killed by the savages during the great troubles which then arose. His astrological sign was Wood, and in previous life he was a Monkey.A monkey. The Grand Leader of monkeys. A paper figure. Lei Kwei (his mother was eaten by tigers and he avenged her by killing four of them with an axe). Wong On Siak (a famous premier in the Soong Dynasty). A native of Kiangsi. Naughty boys.Hanging a wicked man. Three devils on the stage.23, 30, 1 and 31.
24Hup Hoi(7) Ching Soon.Chong Hup Hoi alias Chong Fai or Chong Siong Tuck, a native of Hupeh, was a Government Official in the Soong Dynasty. He passed the Royal Examination at the same time with his brothers Yuen Kat and Mun Kam. He was killed by the savages during the riots. His astrological sign was Wood, and in previous life he was a Frog. A frog. A toad. Lau Hoi Sien (one of the 8 fairies). Kok Chi Yee (a famed premier in the Tong Dynasty). Yuen Siew Chat (a fisherman and a good swimmer). Sit Yen Kwei (a famed general in the Tong Dynasty). Soong Kong (the head of bandits in Leong San of Shantung). Chan Lam (famed for his prose in the Han Dynasty. An eminent scholar). Yong Choong Pow (a general in the Soong Dynasty). A small boat. A human figure. Shadow.Attending a funeral. Boats of high officials passing. Junks on sea. Floating firewood. Things under the sea. Government offices.Stake Nos., 22 and 7.
25Kow Koon(35) Kat Pang.Chong Kow Koon alias Chong Chong or Chong Fatt Huat of Honan, was the Royal son-in-law of the former Han Dynasty. He was wealthy. Foh Koon was his brother. His astrological sign was Wood, and in previous life he was an Eagle. An eagle. Choong Kwei (a devil tamer). Going to a foreign land. Ng Yueh (a hero of Cho. He disguised himself as a beggar and went out to avenge his father's death). So Chan (an eloquent speaker). Cheong Chi testing his wife's faithfulness. A re-married woman. Chong Yee (a classmate of So Chan. Also an eloquent speaker).Any article seen. A horseman. Someone lying down. A dog bites. Blood bleeding from the mouth. Water full up to the eyebrows. Meditation.22, 27, 35 and 7.
26Tai Peng(31) Yuen Kwei. Emperor Tai Peng was born in the town of Chiong Chow. He was the ruler up to the invasion of the Chins. He was defeated and fled to Loong Chow where he was made a leader of the bandits. He was killed by Kuan San, one of his gangsters, as punishment for his voluptuous life and cruelty. His astrological sign was Water, and in previous life he was a Dragon.A dragon. An Emperor. Horses for sale. Spirit of the Temple. Presenting a water melon to the King of Hades. Rilling a snake. A phoenix. The star of an Emperor. Combing hair.Killing a man. Peaceful world. To set up a throne.26, 31 and 12.
27Foh Koon(19) Gan Yuk.Chong Foh Koon alias Chong Ching or Tuck Kow of Honan, was the Commissioner of the Royal Supervisory Yuan. His brother was Kow Koon. The members of his family, consisting of over 300 persons, were cruelly put to death by the savages. He escaped and became a monk. His astrological sign was Fire, and in previous life he was a Tortoise. A big tortoise. The spirit of the kitchen. Guardian of the doors. A blind man. Fortune telling. Kidnapping a girl. A woman living on the earnings of prostitutes.Burning a coffin. New officials assuming office. Lamp-fire. Burning a corpse. High officials. Firing crackers. Seeing blood. Seeing a big tortoise. 27, 19,, 3 and 16.
28Yat Sun(29) Tien Leong.Chan Yat Sun alias Chan Wing or Chan Tien Ming of Szechuan was a high official in the Soong Dynasty. The villians asked him for a loan but he flatly refused He became a monk as the villians threatened to end his life. His astrological sign was Earth, and in previous life he was a Fowl. A fowl. Moh Cheong (a tiger killer). The Dog Star. A fop. Moh Tai Long (a weak man. The elder brother of Moh Cheong). Poon Kam Lian (an adulterous woman and the wife of Moh Tai Long). Chu Hon Yee (a general of enormous strength). Emperor Ching Tuck of the Ming Dynasty.Articles burnt as fuel. Ascending a mountain. Forest. A dial. Sunrising or sun setting. Going in and out of forests. 28, 6, 29 and 3.
29Tien Leong(28) Yat Sun. Cheng Tien Leong alias Cheng Sieh or Cheng Tien Loong of Szechuan was a scholar. He became a monk because he was upset in not obtaining any scholastic honours. He was also an expert geologist. His astrological sign was Water, , and in previous life he was an Eel. A yellow eel. Cheong Liang (a strategist in the Han Dynasty). Cheong Hien. Yong Ng Leong (a general and later a monk). Models. A witch. Cheong Tien See (a god whom the devils fear). Hon Soon blowing sad songs with his flute, thus instilling sadness in the hearts of the 8000 men in the enemy camp.Taking medicine. Rice. A person with the surname Cheng. Two persons falling into water. A monk. An eel. A picture of Buddha. A hat of a cap.29, 28, 18 and 30.
30Cheng Lei(23) Sum Wai. Lau Cheng Lei alias Lau Chiu or Lau Kok Wei was a rich rice merchant in Honan. A great fire broke out in his shop through carelessness and reduced him to poverty. He became a monk for the remainder of his life. His astrological sign was Water, and in previous life he was a Carp. A carp. Wong Siong (a filial son). Guardian of the Well. Emperor Chu (a cruel king). Burning sacrificial clothings. Long River. Lei Tai Pak (a famous poet in the Tong Dynasty. A wine-bibber). Peace garden. Ladies admiring flowers.Seeing blood. Someone dies in a well. Sedan chair. Someone in a coffin. Splitting wood. Fuel floating. Water carrier. A wine shop on fire. Rice store. Supply of foodstuff.30, 23 and 13.
31Yuen Kwei(26) Tai Peng. Chuo Yuen Kwei alias Chuo Yat or Chuo Pow Hee of Soochow was a great gambler. He indulged in all sorts of gambling especially in Chee Fah. He lost all that he had and became a beggar. His astrological sign was Fire, and in life he was a Lobster. A lobster. Earthworm. The male organ. A stroll along the river bank. Ching Kwei (a traitorous premier in the Soong Dynasty. He caused the death of the great patriot Gao Fei). Chuo Sow (a recluse). Chow Cheong (a general in the last period of the Han Dynasty). Choy Choong Hin (a famous bridge builder).Singing songs. Flowers. Sharing mutton. Eating dog's meat. A scholar. A beggar. Wearing torn clothings. A lame woman.31, 26 and 23.
32Mun Kam(3) Wing Sang. Cheong Mun Kam alias Cheong Loong or Cheong Ngo of Hupeh, was an eminent scholar. Sum Wai was his father. Hup Hoi and Yuen Kat were his elder brothers. He was killed by savages during the riots. His astrological sign was Gold, and in previous life he was a Snake. A snake. The God of Wealth. An official guarding a city. A leper. A scale. A beggar for rice. A sodomist.Prosperous persons. Golden flowers. Collecting rents. Servants. Burning a coffin. Mercury. Paying money. Gleaming lights. A snake comes out from a cave.32, 3 and the five dragons.
33Cheng Yuen(9) Hon Wan. So Cheng Yuen alias So Yee or So Yuen Kong of Tongking was a scholar. He was of treacherous nature and squandered all that he had. Finally he became a beggar and all his doings were undesirable. His astrological sign was Water, and in previous life he was a Spider. A spider. A fowl stealer. The 8 divination designs. A petty thief. So Tong Po (a great poet in the Soong Dynasty). A shed builder. The Octagonal Chart devised by the great strategist Kong Ming, for attack as well as defence in warfare. A cat seller. Pregnancy.Examination. Going to a school. Eating pears. Sweet potato. Fowl stealing. Begging. Horns grown on a fish's head.33, 9 and 12.
34Yuen Kat(36) On Si. Cheong Yuen Kat alias Cheong Yi or Cheong Sow Lei, of Hupeh, had been the Prefect of his own province. He was robbed and lost all what he had during his travel to visit his congenial friend Tien Leong. He remained penniless and became a beggar. His astrological sign was Gold, and in previous life he was a Deer. A deer. A blind man. A foreigner. A procelain doll. A pottery toy. Residents of North China. A singing girl. A three stringed guitar.In a hurry. Urgent affairs. New Year Festival. Child birth. Dung and urine. Selecting a day. Flower blooms in a pot.34, 36, 35 and 29.
35Kat Pang(25) Kow Koon. Chan Kat Pang alias Chan Lei or Chan Tien Seong of Kwei Chow, was born rich under a lucky star. He received the second highest Literary Honour. Being robbed by savages, he was reduced to poverty and became a beggar in a distant country. His son was Pang Kwee who became a baron. His astrological sign was Earth, and in previous life he was a Goat. A goat. A purse. A priest. A tailor. The female organ. So Mob (an ambassador of the Han Dynasty. He was interned by the Funs for 19 years in connection with his mission as a peace-maker). Wind, flower, snow and moon. Female gorilla.Three persons. Three cups of wine. Three eggs. Three articles. Aged persons.35, 25, 23 and 31.
36On Si(34) Yuen Kat. Chan On Si alias Lily Chan or Chan Cheng Ming of Soochow was the wife of Yuen Kwei. She became a nun as her husband could not support her. She had knowledge of Astrology and Geology. Her astrological sign was Water, and she was in previous life a Fox. A fox. A nun. Yong Kwei Fei (a beauty in the Tong Dynasty). Tat Kei (a beauty. Causing the downfall of kingdom). Poon Kam Lian (an adulterous woman). Begging for rice. Mean women. Adulterous womenWomen wearing men's shoes. Letters. A nun. Reunion. An old woman looking at a photo. Horse-races. Incense-burning. Ancestral tablet.36, 34, 12, and 20.

Fils de 20 et 2
Son in law de 21
4. Foong Choon
8. Yuet Po← son9. Hong Wan
← daughter20. Ming Chui

← son4. Foong Choon
35. Kat Pang← son2. Pan Kwee

← son3. Wong Sang
26. Tai Peng← sister19. Gan Yuk
21. Siong Chow

sworn sister
← general6. Kuan San← general7. Ching Soon
← lieutenant15. Bit Tuck


← general5. Chee Ko10. Kong Chee
← premier23. Sum Wai← son24. Hup Hoi
← son32. Mun Kam
← son34. Yuen Kat

29. Tien Leong
← adviser12. Kwong Ming
Soong dynasty← royal inspector1 Chim Fui
← board of litterature17. Cheng Wan
← generalissimo18. Tien Sun
← high official28. Yat Sun
Han Dynasty← royal son-in-law25. Kow Koon

27. Foh Koon
Others31. Yuen Kwei

36 On Si
11. Fook Soon
13. Yeow Lay
14. Chick Tuck
16. Mow Lam
22. Hup Thong
30. Cheng Lei
33 Cheng Yuen