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Western books about the origin of playing cards and/or asian cards

Author Date Title Pages Language Link Comments Preview
Pehr Osbeck, Olof Torén,
Carl Gustav Ekeberg
1771 A Voyage to China and the East Indies (volume 2) 423 English ! Goo page 247:dice, chess, playing cards  
Jean Baptiste Bullet 1757 Recherches Historiques sur les Cartes à Jouer 189 French ! Goo    
Mr Gough 1775 Some Observations on the Invention of Cards and their Introduction in England
Archaeologia : or miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity
152-172 English ! Goo pages 171-172:30 cards, 9 cards with faces and dominoes  
Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf 1784 Versuch den Ursprung der Spielkarten, die Einführung des Leinenpapieres,
und den Anfang der Holzschneidekunst in Europa zu erforschen
179 German ! Goo pages 160-164
Samuel Weller Singer 1816 Researches into the History of Playing Cards and Printing 453 English ! Goo pages 59-63
Abbé Grossier 1819 De la chine, volume 5 485 French ! Goo pages 413-420  
Gabriel Peignot 1826 Recherches sur les Danses des Morts et sur l'Origine des Cartes à Jouer 199-306 French ! Goo    
Paul Lacroix 1835 L'origine des Cartes à Jouer 12 French ! BnF    
W.A. Chatto 1848 Facts and Speculations on the Origin and History of Playing Cards 427 English ! Goo pages 55-59 : chinese cards (pictures from Breitkopf...)  
T.J. Pettigrew 1853 On the Origin and Antiquity of Playing Cards
The Journal of the British Archaeological Association Vol IX
121-154 English ! Goo    
P. L. Jacob 1858 Recherches sur les Cartes a Jouer
Curiosités de l'histoire des arts
17-74 French ! Goo pages 17-20:chinese origin of playing cards  
Joseph Strutt 1868 Sports and Pastimes of People of England 499 English ! Goo 322-336 dominoes and cards  
R. Merlin 1869 Origine des Cartes à Jouer 233 French ! BnF pages 24-25: chinese origin of playing cards  
W. Hugues Willshire 1876 A Descriptive Catalogue of Playing and Other Cards in the British Museum 526 English ! Arc pages 57-58: Discussion
pages 333-335 :Descriptions
page 513: picture
Theo. L. de Vinne 1878 The Invention of Printing 570 English ! Arc pages 98-99 : chinese cards (pictures from Breitkopf...)
pages 109-121: The Chinese method of printing
Abbé Rive 1880 Eclaircissements Historiques et Critiques sur l'Invention des Cartes à Jouer 67 French ! Goo    
Edward Falkener 1892 Games Ancient and Oriental and How to Play them 408 English ! Arc pages 143-154:Chinese chess  
Stewart Culin 1893 Chinese Games with Dice and Dominoes
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
489-538 English ! Arc Lots of pictures  
Stewart Culin 1893 Exhibit of Games in the Columbian Exposition
The Journal of American Folk-lore Vol. VI
205-227 English ! Arc Descriptions  
W.H. Wilkinson 1895 Chinese Origin Of Playing Cards
The American Anthropologist, Volume VIII, January 1895
61-78 English ! GMW Lots of pictures  
Stewart Culin 1895 Korean Games, with Notes on the Corresponding Games of China and Japan 268 English Arc Lots of pictures  
Stewart Culin 1896 Chess and playing cards
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
665-942 English ! Arc Lots of pictures  
John Grand-Carteret 1896 Vieux Papiers, Vieilles Images 579 French ! BnF pages 222-223:chinese cards
Karl Himly 1896 Die Abteilung der Spiele im `Spiegel der Mandschu-Sprache'
T'oung Pao, Series II, Vol. 7
155-146 German ! Arc Chinese chess  
Georges Edward Mauger 1915 Quelques considérations sur les jeux en Chine
et leur développement synchronique avec celui de l'Empire chinois
Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d'anthropologie de Paris,
Volume 6, Numéro 5
238-281 French ! Prs lots of pictures
Victor Du Bled 1919 Histoire Anecdotique et Psychologie des Jeux de Cartes, Dés, Échecs 309 French ! BnF pages 132-135  
Stewart Culin 1924 The Game of Ma-Jong
Brooklyn Museum Quarterly, Volume XI, October 1924
153-168 English ! GMW Lots of pictures  
Anonymous 1962 Jottings on Cardbacks
Duffy's Hibernian magazine Vol.1
484-489 English ! Goo pages 485-486:Chinese cards